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The two photographs at right depict a delightful encounter Marcia had with a juvenile male ruby-throated hummingbird after offering him a flower.

Marcia and Barry  celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Marcia Joy Miller

Marcia Joy Miller is the author of the book, Origami for Busy People: 27 Original On-The-Go Projects, which was published by Tuttle Publishing in November 2011. She is an experienced origami teacher and designer of origami and has taught numerous origami workshops in many venues. During these workshops, a number of adult students told Marcia that they wished they had more time in their busy schedules for origami. This expressed need plus Marcia’s interest in sharing origami with others motivated her to write an origami book geared for busy people. Marcia is an inventor of original origami designs and several of them have been published in international origami journals. She belongs to three origami societies and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The College of New Jersey. Her other interests include art, puzzles, nature, photography, and composing music. She has been married to Barry Miller for 30 years. In fact,one of Barry’s original origami designs appears in Origami for Busy People. To contact Marcia, send an e-mail to