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With its exciting new projects, clear instructions, and included attractive origami paper, Origami for Busy People makes the perfect inexpensive holiday gift. 


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Origami for Busy People

Origami for Busy People: 27 Original On-The-Go Projects
by Marcia Joy Miller was published in November 2011 by Tuttle Publishing. Origami for Busy People is the first book designed so that busy people can fit the fascinating art of paper folding into their hectic schedule.
  • teaches using easy-to-follow instructions
  • has crystal clear illustrations
  • is organized for readers on a busy schedule
  • appeals to beginners, origami enthusiasts, teachers, and crafters
  • has 27 previously unpublished fun projects that include animals, birds, plants, useful objects, toys, and geometric designs
  • contains 48 sheets of attractive origami paper specially designed by Marcia Joy Miller
  • has projects that are made by using only folds - no glue, no tape, no scissors.

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Origami for Busy People is the perfect holiday gift!

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Copyright 2014  Marcia Joy Miller

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