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Bonus Origami Ideas 

​This page includes fun origami bonus ideas for a few of the projects from Origami for Busy People: 27 Original On-the Go Projects. Make a Christmas Tree with a Star, a flower with a contrasting center, an attractive flower as a gift decoration. Below are photographs and the additional directions needed that refer to the instructions included in Origami for Busy People:
Twirlie Christmas Tree  created by Marcia Joy Miller

You can craft a Christmas tree using three or four Twirlies (see pages 41–43 of Origami for Busy People), a plastic soda straw, and an origami star such as Reversible Star (see pages 54–55 of Origami for Busy People). Paper: If you are making a three tier tree, you will need six sheets of 8 ½  x 11 inch green bond paper and a three to four-inch square of origami paper for the star. If you are folding the optional fourth tier, you will need another sheet of green bond paper and a two to three-inch square of origami paper for the star. Instructions: Make a Twirlie from eight 5 ½ inch squares. Fold another Twirlie from eight 4 ¼ inch squares. Create a third Twirlie from eight 3-inch squares (prepare them from the strips of paper that are discarded from cutting the 5 ½ inch squares). For a fourth tier, fold an additional Twirlie from eight 2 ⅛ inch squares. Insert a plastic soda straw through the center hole of the largest Twirlie and then add each remaining Twirlie in order of decreasing size. Place the “tree” on a table with the largest Twirlie at the bottom and cut the top of the straw off about ¼ inch above the top of the tree. If you want, you can then gently push down on the Twirlies and then place the two flaps of each Twirlie unit a little over the left flap of the Twirlie unit beneath it. Fold Reversible Star and then glue it to the top of the straw. Note: You can make a simpler star by using the Pinwheel from Thirds form that is used as a starting base for Reversible Star.

Spring Flower with Contrasting Center created by Marcia Joy Miller

​You can create a contrasting center for Spring Flower (see pages 89–91 of Origami for Busy People)  using a method that requires an additional square as an insert. Paper: Use thin paper for both the flower and the center. The sides of the square used for the contrasting center should be half the length of the sides of the square used for the flower. Instructions: First, complete steps 1–8 for the flower. Using the square of paper that will be used to create the contrasting center, make a Waterbomb Base that has the white side on the outside (see page 14 of Origami for Busy People). Insert the Waterbomb Base inside the partially completed model so that their top corners touch. Then, finish folding the flower.

Spring Flower as Gift Decoration created by Marcia Joy Miller
​Adorn wrapped gifts with Spring Flower (see pages 89–91 of Origami for Busy People) made as a gift decoration. Paper: Use a 3 to 6-inch square of paper.The flower, when used as a decoration, will need a flat underside. So, modify the folds in step 10 so that they are ½ inch apart at the top. When you are folding the model for a decoration, the underside will not show. So, you have the option of making it from origami paper or medium weight paper-backed foil and would need to start step 1 with the white side of the paper facing you.